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Hearing aid maintenance

Daily hearing aid maintenance is essential to keep your hearing aids in good condition as long as possible and to prevent ear infections. Here are the three recommended steps of hearing aid maintenance.

Step 1: Clean your hearing aids

For optimal performance, it is essential to remove debris that can block the receiver’s output in your hearing aids. To do this, use a small brush to gently brush particles away and a wax hook to lift the debris.

Step 2: Disinfect your hearing aids

This step is important as your hearing aids are constantly in contact with ear wax, dry skin and bacteria. Spray a disinfectant on a clean tissue and wipe the hearing aids, especially the parts that touch your ear, then wipe with a dry tissue.

Step 3: Dry your hearing aids

Humidity and perspiration can affect your hearing aids’ performance and reduce their lifetime. So it is important to use a hearing aid dehumidifier at night. Don’t forget to remove the batteries and put them in the container provided for this purpose before using your dehumidifier.

For full hearing aid maintenance, make an appointment with your audioprosthetist once a year.

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