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Test your hearing

Check your hearing

Not sure your hearing is up to scratch? Check your hearing with the online hearing screening, the online questionnaire or at an in-clinic hearing screening. These are great first steps toward discovering whether you need a more thorough hearing test.*

Hearing screening: 60 seconds

You will hear 12 sounds (high and low). Your results will give you a good idea of the number and type of sounds you have trouble with.

Hearing questionnaire: 2 minutes

This will just take two minutes of your time! Scientifically validated, this questionnaire assesses whether you need a comprehensive hearing test done by an audiologist.

In-clinic screening

Think you’re not hearing very well? Would you like to see a hearing health professional before fully committing to the process of rediscovering the pleasure of hearing?

* If it’s clear you are experiencing hearing loss, do not wait any longer. Come see an audiologist at our partner, the Polyclinique de l’Oreille, for a comprehensive hearing assessment.