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Hearing aid models

Hearing aid models

There are several types of hearing aids that address the different needs of each person.


The six hearing aid models :


Open fit

A tube connected to the hearing aid is inserted into the ear canal. This tube allows you to hear normal-frequency sounds naturally, without amplification. It amplifies only the frequencies that need correcting without creating a blocking effect.

Closed fit

The hearing aid covers the ear canal completely. Requires a mold of the ears for the perfect fit.

Do you have questions about the types of hearing aids and which would be best for you? 

Did you know… ?

Your first visit with an audioprosthetist is free of charge.
Several hearing aids are covered by government programs and/or by private insurance.

* The hearing aids presented on this page may not be ideal for you. An assessment by an audioprosthetist is needed to determine which hearing aids would best meet your needs.