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Hearing aid technologies

The technological features of hearing aids

Groupe Forget’s protocol for fitting hearing aids sets out the entire process to guarantee that your device will be successful for you. The audioprosthetist uses the protocol to help you choose the best technology package for your lifestyle and needs.

  Premium Advanced Intermediate Basic
Settings to maximize flexibility and comfortable hearing ++++ +++ ++  
Sound quality resembling a CD ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++
High-resolution sound reproduction ++++ +++    
Technologies to maximize speech comprehension in noisy environments ++++ +++ ++ +
Cutting-edge technologies providing the best benefits and performance ++++      
Sophisticated systems that function automatically to act as much like the human ear as possible ++++      

A host of possibilities for hearing aids

No matter what you need, there are a whole slew of technologies that improve hearing aid comfort and performance. Welcome to a world of possibilities!


Reduction of
sudden noises

Automatic volume
control and adjustment

Directional microphones
for noisy environments

Automatic “learning”
hearing aids

Special music


Sound reproduction similar
to the human ear


Multiple memories for
maximum flexibility

Special wind
noise program

Automatic synchronization
with in-stereo devices

Tinnitus management

Adaptative multiple directional microphones for noisy situations

Noise filtering
and reduction

Frequency compression
to hear high sounds

Bluetooth® wireless connectivity

Working hand-in-hand with your technological options, Bluetooth® wireless connectivity devices act as an interface between your hearing aids and outside sound sources like televisions, phones, computers and so on.

Wireless connectivity is compatible with these sources.


  • Bluetooth®


  • Bluetooth®
  • Assistive listening devices (ALD)


  • Bluetooth®
  • ALD


  • Bluetooth®
  • ALD


  • Bluetooth®

Microphone/MF system

  • Bluetooth®
  • ALD